A curious traveler, I always find myself sourcing products whilst traversing this wonderful world.  I figured I should make my passion my purpose, and by extension my profession!

Here at Scandic Gypsy we have designed and curated beautiful womens and childrens shoes and accessories available for worldwide shipping.  I'm always delighted by people's responses when they receive their package and encourage you to share your products on Instagram tagging us!


We're about Slow Fashion.   Slowing down the pace of shopping and consumption to ask the deep (tough) questions about the items we're purchasing.  Slow fashion is conscious and mindful.
Our designs and products are intended to be more timeless than trendy; quality instead of quantity—garments that can last years or even a lifetime, and for our kids shoes in particular that they can be kept or handed down to brothers, sisters and even generations.


*In 15 years we've reduced the number of times we wear an item of clothing by 36%.  Annually, wearable clothing worth $460Billion is thrown away.


We hope you will enjoy wearing your Scandic Gypsy items for many years to come.

© Scandic Gypsy 

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